Databee Student Assist is designed specifically to manage student disability administration in Australian higher education. Like Databee Exams Manager before it, Databee Student Assist is a comprehensive system designed to manage a unique and complex set of business processes.

Databee Student Assist is a dynamic system comprised of:

iPad app for disability support staff

  • Enter details on your iPad while consulting with students
  • Take photos of medical documentation

Desktop app for disability support staff

  • All the functionality of the iPad app, plus reporting, dashboards and other advanced features

Website for Students

  • Let students submit Service Requests
  • Let students approve their Learning Conditions
  • Let students determine their Advocacy levels

Website for Staff

  • Let selected staff respond to student Service Requests
  • Let selected staff view student Learning Conditions through a secure website

Databee Student Assist will help you manage:

Service Requests from Students

Case Notes

Medical Documentation

Equipment and Loans

Bulk Correspondence with Students

Materials Development


Safety Plans


Databee Student Assist integrates directly with Databee Exams Manager to ensure your Exams Office remains seamlessly informed of student's exam conditions.

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Your IT project to implement Databee Student Assist will be exceptionally quick. Databee Student Assist can be installed on the same infrastructure as Databee Exams Manager. We expect you can implement Databee Student Assist in record time.